3 Tips on Finding Your Passion

This may be about the one millionth blog post on finding your passion here within the realms of the internet, but the beauty of life is that everybody has their own different perspectives, and maybe this might help you find your own passion. We believe that passion isn't something you are hardwired with, nor is it something that you can find overnight. We're not here to give you a formula for success or even a one size fits all guide to start your journey down the path of the "most fulfilling life ever." No, we just want to share with you our process and what our individual journeys have taught us and here they have brought us. So what do we mean when we say passion? Well, we believe passion is something you do almost everyday regardless of what type of mood you're in. And not because somebody tell you to do it, or even that you tell yourself to do it because you have bills to pay and mouths to feed. We believe passion can be a way out of a monotonous life and perhaps even a way to really live a fulfilling life. So here are some steps we thought might help you out on your journey to a life well lived. 1. What do you like to do, and what don't you like to do?

Sometimes, it just starts with a piece of paper, and can take off from there. We suggest taking a blank sheet of paper, or even typing in a word document and making two columns. One column for your interest and the other for you dislikes. Write out as many things in each column that you can. Now, we know that not everybody likes cleaning their bathroom or taking out the trash. Those aren't the type of things we're talking about, but you could probably put "I don't want to work at a garbage incinerator." Write down things that are at least connected in some way? Love food, but don't want to be a cook? Maybe being a food critic or an owner of a diner would be more of a fit for you. Regardless of what it is, it's always better to have things down on paper. 2. Write down your strengths

Some of us may know exactly what our strengths are. Maybe we're good talkers or maybe we're great at examining technicalities. Whatever it is you know you're good at, write it down, this will come in handy later.

Now, if you're not so good at self-introspection, it would be a good idea to ask somebody close to you for help. Somebody who will give you the truth. The point here is to find out exactly what you're good at, so later on down the road, you can recognize these strengths and apply them if you so decide to pursue your passion. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have your weakness. Just like writing down the things you don't like doing, it's good to have some perspective of what you're not good at, and these things might just correlate with what you had written down in the first exercise. After you've listed out all of these things, we recommend you instill the idea within your mind that you need to play on your strengths, because this is here most of your progress will come from once you begin the task of finding out your passion.

3. A game plan

Yes, a game plan. Just like the previous two exercises, you should write down a plan. Something structured where you can look at where you're at right now, and chart a path of progression towards where you want to be. For example, say you really like woodworking, and want to pursue it further to see if it can bring you an even greater joy in life. A great plan for this would be to create a goal.

Maybe build an ark like Noah or build a picnic table for your next family reunion. Whatever it is, you want to have some sort of marker in place where you can say "Okay,I was here last year making cabinet doors and now I'm building a frame to a ship to survive a catastrophic flood."

Or something like that. But, it's a little more in-depth than that, and it's essential that you take the time to plot out your journey. Asses your current strengths and interest. Take an inventory of your tools, supplies, and money in the bank. What is it going to take for you to live a fulfilling life? At the end of it all, the final thing you need to do is execute. You can never know what you love unless you try it. Thanks for reading! - Team Vitalize

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