4 Healthy Activities to Spice up Your 2016 Fall Season

Summer is ending and hopefully your health and fitness goals aren't going with it. Pumpkin spice, apple picking, haunted houses, and cozy evenings bundled up in the house. Sounds like the perfect plan for the cooler months, right?

Well, we want to help you spice things up a bit and give you some great ideas to keep you both healthy and enjoying the season at the same time.

1. Canoeing

Summertime isn't the only season that's perfect for a weekend water adventure. The fall foliage and mild exercise intensity can make the journey down a calm river one of the best ways to capture the sights you wouldn't normally be able to if you were hiking through the woods or taking the scenic route home. A lot of cities actually have guided evening canoeing trips to explore the fall foliage. Check out your local newspaper or town website to see if there are any of these happening near you this season.

2. A Different Type of Hike We didn't want to be cliche because we know everybody loves to hike during the fall.

The sights are always amazing.

But we have a different idea that can help you switch things up a bit. Most states and local cities will begin hosting historical walks to teach people about the histories of their land and communities. They typically last around an hour or two which makes them the perfect option for learning and enjoying the sites without dying of heat exhaustion. As we said in the previous suggestion, check out your local newspaper or town website to schedule one of these historical walks throughout a city near you. 3. The Fall Fare (Yes, we meant to spell it that way.) Seasonal fairs can be one of the best ways to intake all of the wonderfulness of fall.

You get to walk around all day, eat fall foods, and enjoy your local culture. But one of our biggest reasons for attending a fair is getting to expose yourself to more organic and environmentally friendly products (which are typically healthier for you) while also helping support your local economies. So, open up your planner and plug in a few fair visits. It will be healthier all around. 4. Preparing Next Years Garden Gardening is hard work. That's why we have so many grocery stores.

But, if you're not too familiar with gardening, fall is actually the perfect time of year to plan out a plot for next year's endeavor.

Not only do you not have to follow all the way through and make a huge commitment immediately (You can wait until spring to plant)

Gardening can be a great source of exercise

and it's also not a bad way to enjoy the weather when you get to look up and take a breather. Here's a link to a great article to help you get started with planning (and eventually planting) a garden plot.

http://www.bhg.com/gardening/vegetable/vegetables/planning-your-first-vegetable-garden/#page=0 That's it for now. We hope this will help you switch things up this season and keep you vitalized all throughout. Thank you for reading! - Team Vitalize

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