How to Have a Better Workout

Workouts can be anything but enjoyable a lot of the time. Heck, for a lot of us, it can be an uphill battle just to get into the gym or out on the street for a jog. Thankfully, we have an answer to that for you. We've compiled a short and easy list to help you not only enjoy your workouts more, but also to help you crush those health and fitness goals.

- Do the Hardest Exercises First

Going through the easy parts of your program and dreading doing legs or thinking about that five mile run can sap the energy right from the get go if you let it.

Next time you're in the gym, try taking on your most taxing workouts first, and the rest will seem like a breeze.

- Switch it Up

Learning new exercises or different variations of your current routine can seriously amp up your commitment.

It will not only take away the drudgery of the same workouts you've been doing all year, but it will also give you a new goal to reach.

Here's a link to a large archive of different exercises you can pick up in no time. Bodybuilding

- Get Social

Sometimes it can make the world of a difference just by bringing someone close to you to help push through.

No, we're not saying chat it up the whole time, but try and get the extra support you need to help push you through some of those tough days.

According to research conducted by the University of California's Department of Preventative Medicine, people who exercise with their spouse, friends, or coworkers enjoy it more.

- Keep a Record or Journal of your Activities

Keep records of your workouts and take pictures along the way.

Having proof of your progress will boost your motivation and even allow you to see what your personal best was and help you fine tune the workout to go further.

There are also a lot of great apps that can help you track progress more consistently and in a more efficient manner than writing them down in a notebook. Try out Zova or Myfitnesspal

Okay, that's it for now. We hope some of these tips can help you out. And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them below. Thank you for reading! - Team Vitalize

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